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LISTEN TO THIS: A Former Giants Head Coach Openly Supports Daniel Jones

We have another open supporter of Daniel Jones in the NFL? It seems so.

Fox Sports’ Peter Schraeger made an appearance on “Pardon My Take” and discussed dialogue he had with Joe Judge after his time as Head Coach of the NY Giants. Regardless of your feelings of the guy, he didn’t have to be nice or lie about anything he said as he is no longer a Giant. He didn’t do any bashing (shocking but honorable), but he chose to do 1 thing: stand up for QB Daniel Jones. Listen:

Judge was not ready to be an NFL Head Coach yet when he joined the Giants, but he’s proven to be a class act since his firing (beer party anyone?). He also was a good man to continue to have his old QB’s back during his times of uncertainty without obligation. Based on his word usage when defending Jones at the end, it sounds like he was sympathetic to the circus Jones had to endure, too.

On a side note, It leads one to wonder… did the front office make Judge’s life impossible too? Is that why he acknowledged what Jones endured, because he endured the same? It’s absolutely NOT an excuse for his performance with NYG, but it seems thought provoking. Nice to know he still thinks highly of our Quarterback, though!

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