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An Inconvenient Truth: Daniel Jones Cost The Giants The Game Today

Folks, I’m sure that this isn’t going to be a popular take but I honestly don’t care. The Giants should have won today’s game. Sometimes games come down to one play. Today, ultimately did. And the Giants failed.

On first down in a tied game on a two minute drive, Daniel Jones had Darius Slayton WIDE open and he simply didn’t hit him in stride.

Slayton should have caught that pass. With that being said, it was not an on target throw and if Jones hits him in stride then the game is over and no overtime is necessary. Slayton had to stop his route, turn around, and leap for a pass that should have hit him in stride. A franchise quarterback does that, Daniel Jones isn’t a franchise quarterback.

Giants fans have a difficult time admitting this. Many people are making excuses for Daniel Jones like they always do. Many people are solely blaming Darius Slayton. It’s on both players, but ultimately the blame will always (rightfully) hit the quarterback more.

The reality of the situation is that sometimes football games come down to one play and your quarterback has to make it. Jones didn’t make the play today. Neither did Slayton. Now the Giants tied a game that they should have won and it hurts the team’s playoff position.

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