Are the Giants Showing Their True Colors?

The New York Football Giants started off the season with an astonishing 6-1 overall record, something no-one saw coming. The Giants record over the last five weeks: 1-4. Three of those losses are to an NFC east team with Dallas, Washington, and now Philadelphia. With the win today, the Eagles clinched a playoff berth. The Giants still have Washington, the Minnesota Vikings, Indianapolis Colts, and Eagles once again. Three of the next four games are on the road, which will be a tough task for this Giants team. So let me ask you, are the Giants showing their true colors? The answer is, no.

The Giants started off the season healthy, but it seemed each week that went by the Giants had more and more and more injuries (which seems to be a yearly thing). At this point in the season, the Giants have multiple starters out in many positions. The main positions that are causing havoc with this Giants team is in the secondary, linebackers, and offensive line, and wide receiver. The offensive line has gotten healthier, but they still need Ben Bredeson back. When he returns, I would rather see Gates at center then Feliciano.

We saw today the secondary is having a difficult time, especially against the skill players the Eagles have. The linebackers lack depth at that position, and is a big reason why the Giants allow about five yards per carry on each rushing attempt, and where Miles Sanders had over 140 rushing yards today.

The Giants have proven this year that even without superior talent, the coaching is important and has been beneficial to many of the players. The last few weeks the Giants have had many costly penalties in key moments that cause them to go backwards and try to repeat something similar. The fact of the matter is they are not good enough to afford those kind of mistakes. The Giants have shown this year that they have lacked self-discipline in key moments when it matters the most.

Do the Giants lack talent? Yes. Do they lack depth at come positions? Yes. Have they been lacking self discipline and execution the last few weeks? Yes. Should you give up on them entirely this season? No. The Giants could get key starters back like Adoree Jackson, Leonard Williams, and Ben Bredeson before the end of the season. Jackson is the most important to come back, and provide stability in the secondary that is young and has been taken advantage of. Hopefully that also means the Giants could see Xavier McKinney back before the end of the year also, but signs seemed to point in the opposite direction for that.

This Giants team is struggling right now, but this is not their true colors. They have competed well against some very good and solid teams this year, and managed a game well enough to close out with a win or even come back. The strength of schedule for the Giants remained the toughest across the league, and this could serve as a wake-up call for the Giants. They will need to win some important games coming up in order to possibly make a playoff appearance for the first time since 2016. Let the season play out, and we can all evaluate this team when the final whistle blows.

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