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Bewildered New York Giants Fans Discover That You Can Trade Up In NFL Draft

The following article is pure satire. All quotes, interviews, and items in this article are fake and not based on anyone.

NEW YORK, New York- Folks, one of the biggest topics surrounding the New York Giants this season has been the future of quarterback Daniel Jones. Many Giants fans are split on what to do with Daniel Jones as some feel that he deserves a fifth season to prove that he has what it takes to be a starting quarterback and some fans want him gone.

“I like Daniel Jones,” said Joe Satriale, a season ticket holder from Kearny, NJ. “Plus, the Giants will be picking too late in the draft to get a quarterback anyways. There’s no possible way for the Giants to get one of the good quarterbacks unless an absolute miracle happens.”

But what about if the Giants trade up in the draft?

“You can trade up in the draft? I’ve been watching this team for 53 years and I never knew that!” exclaimed Joe.

After interviewing and discussing this topic with many Giants fans, it turns out that much of the fanbase didn’t realize that you could trade up in the NFL draft.

“You mean that you can take some of your draft picks, put them in a package, and move up in the draft?” Asked Christopher Gualtieri, a longtime Giants fan. “It probably never happens though I’d bet.”

But some Giants fans still wouldn’t want to move on from Daniel Jones even if they could make a move for one of the better quarterbacks in the draft or even the league.

“I wouldn’t trade Daniel Jones for anyone, not even prime Tom Brady,” said Phil Leotardo, a season ticketholder from Brooklyn, NY. “There’s certain things you can’t put a price on and that’s class. I truly think my head would explode if we moved on from Danny Dimes!”

Other fans said that new information that has come out has changed their mind about Daniel Jones.

“I was ready to move on from Daniel Jones until I saw (the below graphic) on that app that Elon Musk invented that said that Danny Dimes had a better passer rating than Eli Manning did after fifty starts and that changed my mind about him,” said Jackie Cifarretto of Manasquan, NJ. “I really think that Daniel Jones could beat Tommy Brady in the Super Bowl this year!”

It will be an interesting offseason that’s coming up for the Giants but all of that talk can wait. The team has their biggest game in five seasons coming up against the rival Washington Commanders on Sunday Night Football.

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