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Here’s How The New York Giants Can Clinch A Playoff Spot Week 16

Folks, this is not a drill. The New York Giants can clinch a playoff spot this weekend. This is absolutely awesome when you consider how poor the roster is this year. Brian Daboll has done a great job maximizing the output of some very untalented players to get the Giants in this position.

With that being said, let’s get to the scenarios on how the Giants can clinch this weekend.

Step 1: Win against Minnesota

This will be the hardest step of this weekend. The Vikings are a good team. They can score a lot of points. The offense is going to need to score more than 13 points if they’re going to win this game. The Giants HAVE to win against the Vikings if they’re going to clinch this weekend. This is a non negotiable.

Step 2: Have two of the following three teams lose: Detroit, Seattle, and Washington

Let’s start with the most likely loss: The Seattle Seahawks are heading into Kansas City to play the Chiefs. They should lose that game considering the Chiefs still have to play for home field advantage. This one should get done pretty easily.

Washington has to travel to San Francisco to play the 49ers. The 49ers are 6.5 point favorites. This should be a loss for the Commanders.

Lastly, Detroit travels to Carolina to face off against the Panthers. This game is the least likely loss on the schedule.

So there you have it. If the Giants can beat the Vikings, they’re likely playoff bound. In all likelihood the Giants will square off against the Minnesota Vikings or the San Francisco 49ers on wild card weekend should they make it. It will be an interesting final three weeks of the season.

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