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Brian Daboll Should Undoubtedly Win Coach Of The Year

Folks, in case you live under a rock, the New York Football Giants are heading into the playoffs! This comes almost exactly one year after the Giants decided to QB sneak on 3rd and 10 at the end of last season.

A lot can change in one season. To go from that moment to the playoffs in less than a year is truly astonishing in every good way possible. Those were some very low moments and some of the darkest days in Giants history.

In less than a year, Brian Daboll has made being a Giants fan fun again. For a while, people would mock you if you said you were a Giants fan. Now it’s a badge of honor once again. Brian Daboll has been instrumental at leading the charge by creating a winning culture, which is the only culture that matters in professional sports.

He’s created a winning culture by establishing a coaching staff with a united vision. He’s created strong relationships with his players and they seem to love playing for him each and every day. He’s learned from the mistakes he’s made as a first time coach and used them to get better and make stronger football decisions. He’s a winner in every sense of the word.

Most impressively, he’s taken a quarterback in Daniel Jones who was a bottom of the barrel starter this year to a guy who has been serviceable for the Giants this season. While I still have my doubts about Daniel Jones being the long term answer at quarterback for the Giants, you can’t deny that Jones is miles ahead of where he was under the previous regime.

There’s a life lesson in how Brian Daboll carries himself. He’s someone who has come into the organization and been authentically himself from day one. He’s coached under the likes of Bill Belichick and Nick Saban but couldn’t operate any more differently from them. Unlike some of his predecessors in New York, Daboll hasn’t tried to become them. He’s been his own man and his players have responded incredibly well to his leadership.

Whether it’s playing music created by (former) players during practice or smoking a victory cigar after a thrilling road win, Brian Daboll has thoroughly enjoyed being the coach of the New York Football Giants. He’s done it his way and his way brings out the best in players.

There hasn’t been a coach who has done more with less all season. He’s taken a roster devoid of talent and taken them to the playoffs. You could argue that the Giants still have a lot of personnel work to do and that this team will only get better as they get more players into the building that support his mission.

While the Giants have their eyes set on bigger trophies in this season and beyond, Brian Daboll deserves to win the Coach of the Year trophy this season. No coach has been more important to their team’s success this season. This was a five or six win team on paper that is heading into the playoffs due to his leadership and coaching. Give the man the credit and recognition that he deserves.

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