Former Giant in Critical Condition After Drowning Rescue

Former Giants, Broncos, Browns, and Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis has been reported to be in critical condition after saving his children from a drowning accident in Florida on Thursday. He was airlifted to the hospital where he was unconscious in the ICU. His children are okay after the incident took place on Thursday.

It has been reported by his uncle that he has been “doing better” but he remains in the ICU.

Hillis, 36, played for the Giants in 2013-2014 which would conclude his NFL career after being advised to retire due to the number of concussions he had sustained in his football career.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Hillis and his family and hope for a speedy recovery!

Photo Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Peyton_Hillis_during_Giants_training_camp_2014.jpg

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