Dave Gettleman Claiming Any Success for the 2022 Giants is Repulsive

Dave Gettleman recently made the headlines with his glowing reviews of his former draft selections who are now flourishing under the regime of Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll.

“Daniel and Saquon and Andrew Thomas and Dexter, where do you want me to stop? I’m thrilled they’re playing well. They’re maturing players and they’re getting coached.”

Dave Gettleman

Giving Credit Where Credits Due

Perhaps we can give credit to Gettleman in that he hit on a few of his draft selections. Afterall Jones, Barkley, Thomas, and Lawrence were all first round selections. They have played collectively anywhere from serviceable to an All Pro level. Gettleman brought in Leonard Williams and Adoree Jackson via free agency. He was even calling the shots when McKinney, Love, Ximines, Slayton, and Azeez Ojulari were drafted.

But That is Where it Pretty Much Stops

Not a single player outside of Saquon Barkley is on this team from the 2018 NFL Draft. Half of the 2019 draft class is not on this team and the same will likely be said for the 2020 draft class when the 2023 NFL season starts. We could also bring up the continued debate that Gettleman over drafted both Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones. He certainly did a poor job of finding day three talent and depth in the draft.

He left this team in a dismal cap situation by overpaying for guys like Leonard Williams, Adoree Jackson, and Kenny Golladay. He built a roster devoid of talent at the top end and depth all around. The 2022 roster put together by Joe Schoen replaced 12 starters from the 2021 roster put together by Dave Gettleman and nearly half the roster was turned over.

The biggest issue may be that the 2022 New York Giants are still feeling the ill effects of Gettleman’s decisions. A huge example can be seen in the contract of Kenny Golladay. This season Golladay made just south of 2 million dollars per reception in 2022. Golladay made roughly 21 million dollars on 11 receptions in 2022.

On the contrary, the three leading wide receivers on the 2022 roster made a combined 2.4 million dollars for the entire season.

Giants Fans Know Where the Credit Belongs

Gettleman can certainly try to stand defiantly and claim some sort of credit for this 9 win season and a 6th seed in the playoffs but this fanbase should know better.

All the credit for 2022 goes to Joe Schoen and to this coaching staff Brian Daboll assembled and to this roster of scrappy overachievers who make this fanbase proud week in and week out.

The New York Giants are a much better team with Dave Gettleman claiming credit for 2022 from his home in Cape Cod instead of from his former office at 1 Metlife Stadium Drive in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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