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NFL Playoff Predictions: Our Wildcard Round Picks

Playoff football is upon us ladies and gentlemen! And we are here to provide you with the absolute best game day predictions out there. All five of us here at 366 Sports made picks for each game and we took the average of all the picks to decide on an outcome.

This weekend almost feels like a warm up round for the real contenders in the playoffs. About half of these games seem extremely lopsided. There are some great match ups though! We have a rematch of the Giants vs Vikings from Christmas Eve, Justin Herbert vs Trevor Lawrence, and Tom Brady vs the Cowboys.

Let’s get into game picks!

Seahawks (7) @ 49ers (2)

Matt: 49ers 27, Seahawks 20
Dan: 49ers 21, Seahawks 14
Dylan: 49ers 31, Seahawks 17
Jon: 49ers 24, Seahawks 13
Noah: 49ers 32, Seahawks 20

Average: 49ers 27, Seahawks 16.8

We’re all taking San Francisco in what feels like a warm up game for the 49ers. They’ve already beaten Seattle twice and the Seahawks have been on a downward trajectory. Maybe Geno has a little more magic in him this season to make this one interesting.

Chargers (5) @ Jaguars (4)

Matt: Jaguars 24, Chargers 23
Dan: Chargers 23, Jaguars 20
Dylan: Jaguars 17, Chargers 14
Jon: Jaguars 24, Chargers 20
Noah: Chargers 34, Jaguars 30

Average: Jaguars 23, Chargers 22.8

Talk about close – we all think this game is going go down the wire. There hasn’t been a better QB in football over the last month than Trevor Lawrence and the Jags have home field. This feels like the start of something special in Jacksonville but maybe Herbert plays spoiler.

Dolphins (7) @ Bills (2)

Matt: Bills 34, Dolphins 13
Dan: Bills 31, Dolphins 6
Dylan: Bills 38, Dolphins 20
Jon: Bills 30, Dolphins 13
Noah: Bills 35, Dolphins 18

Average: Bills 33.6, Dolphins 14

No Tua, no chance for the Dolphins. Skylar Thompson would need a miracle to go into Buffalo and beat Josh Allen and the Bills.

Giants (6) @ Vikings (3)

Matt: Vikings 24, Giants 20
Dan: Giants 28, Vikings 24
Dylan: Giants 24, Vikings 21
Jon: Giants 27, Vikings 23
Noah: Giants 27, Vikings 17

Average: Giants 25.2, Vikings 21.8

Everyone here has the Giants winning a pretty close one except me – you’re welcome Giants fans. We’re not going to jinx it.

I want to remind everyone that the Giants haven’t won a game all season when their defense allows more than 20 points. Clearly, most of think that changes this weekend. The Giants are hot right now and playing their best football and so is Kirk Cousins. Cousins wrapped up December and January with 11 TDs and 2 INTs. This one will be fun.

Ravens (6) @ Bengals (3)

Matt: Bengals 24, Ravens 13
Dan: Bengals 34, Ravens 14
Dylan: Bengals 31, Ravens 21
Jon: Bengals 23, Ravens 16
Noah: Bengals 24, Ravens 14

Average: Bengals 27.2, Ravens 15.6

No Lamar, no chance for the Ravens. The Bengals are really good and the Ravens can’t play offense without Lamar.

Cowboys (5) @ Buccaneers (4)

Matt: Cowboys 27, Bucs 20
Dan: Bucs 19, Cowboys 13
Dylan: Cowboys 30, Bucs 24
Jon: Bucs 20, Cowboys 17
Noah: Bucs 28, Cowboys 24

Average: Cowboys 22.2, Bucs 22.2

Talk about an absolute nailbiter. The Cowboys are a much better football team but do you really wanna bet against Tom Brady in the playoffs?

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