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Daniel Jones Has Earned The Franchise Tag For 2023

Folks, the Giants are heading into the second round of the playoffs! One thing that’s been highly debated on all season in circles of Giants fans is the future of Daniel Jones. I have been on the side of Daniel Jones not getting a long term (or any) extension for the Giants. But given the team’s recent success and late draft position, Daniel Jones has earned the franchise tag for 2023 in my eyes.

Now some people will read this and say “He’s finally admitting he’s wrong about Daniel Jones.” That simply isn’t the case. Jones has been average for most of the season. He’s only thrown for 228 yards or above this season four times and two of them have come against Minnesota.

Him beating up on the worst pass defense in the league (Minnesota) twice and a team with a fake head coach (Indianapolis) doesn’t change that. It also doesn’t change the fact that Jones has been a passenger for much of the 2022 season.

What has changed is the feasibility of getting a quarterback in the draft this season now that the team is picking no earlier than 24th overall. Due to that reason, Daniel Jones has earned the franchise tag for 2023.

He should not be given a long term contract extension. No, he should not be paid like a top five or top ten quarterback. He should be given the franchise tag and told to play at this level consistently next season to get a long term deal. The Cowboys did the same thing with Dak Prescott a few years ago.

Ian Rapoport broke this situation down on Good Morning Football today.

Simultaneously signing Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones to long term contracts would be football malpractice. Saquon Barkley is a running back. Daniel Jones has not been consistent enough over the entire season or his entire career.

Instead, Daniel Jones has earned the franchise tag in 2023. That’s what he should receive. The Giants should make him prove that he can play at a consistently high level in 2023. If he does, then the team can sign him to a long term contract for 2024 and beyond.

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