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Matt Canada’s Offense Must Show Improvement in 2023

The Steelers offense for a good portion of the year looked very clunky and unorganized. To many times we’d see promising drives end in failure due to, bad play calling, penalties, or turnovers.

There were moments of consistency before the bye week, but those moments never seemed to gain traction. Going into their bye week the Steelers were 2-6 going into their bye week, they would end the year going 7-2 and the offense had something to do with how the year ended.

Matt Canada will be going into his second year with Kenny Pickett and the current offense. Leaning on the running game in 2023 will be key to the offense succeeding and finding consistency. Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren are a strong one two punch for Matt Canada’s offense, and he can lean on them to help open the rest of the offense up.

The Steelers offense would finish the year averaging 121.9 yards per game which would be good for 16th in the league. Some new wrinkles in the running game would be nice to see next year, putting both Harris and Warren in the backfield would be nice to see and most certainly give opposing defenses something to think about.

We saw less jet sweeps as the year went along, and by doing that it actually helped the success of this play, more of that is needed next year as I don’t see the jet sweeps going anywhere anytime soon. Finishing inside the top ten should be a goal for the group next year.

Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada now have a full offseason to work on making a leap in their progress for next year. Now that Canada has an understanding of what Kenny Pickett likes, he can taylor the offense to fit Pickett’s style of play better. Getting Pickett moving around outside of the pocket on play action will be a big step for the offense next year.

Matt Canada must utilize the entire field in the passing game next year as Pickett showed he’s not scared to sling the ball into tight spaces. Finding success in the red zone will be one of the biggest priorities for Kenny Pickett and Matt Canada as well, more often than not we saw drives just die inside the 20 last year. The biggest thing will be calling more explosive plays next year, especially since defenses will be focusing on stopping the running game.

George Pickens, Diontae Johnson and Pat Freiermuth are three huge targets that must be utilized more in 2023. Way to often this past year we heard how uncreative Matt Canada’s offense is, especially in the passing game.

In 2023 the passing game must take the biggest leap. George Pickens is the number one receiver on the team and going into year two he should be improved from last year, which is a scary thing for opposing defenses. Pickens has big play potential anytime he gets the ball and is always open as he was one of the better receivers catching the ball when covered this year.

Diontae Johnson is a shifty receiver and can be utilized better in this offense, Matt Canada must find ways to get Johnson the ball in space. Getting the ball to the middle of the field next year will be huge for this offense and Pat Freiermuth is the man that can make this happen. Throwing the ball to the middle of the field will help bring the passing offense to another level and take a linebacker or safety out of the play.

Calvin Austin III is a weapon that Matt Canada must find a way to use as well in 2023. Calvin Austin has a ton of speed which can create explosive plays, something the Steelers lacked last year. Austin will be a mismatch wherever he’s lined up, and currently looks like he will have a shot at playing in the slot to start the year.

Pittsburgh is heading into the offseason with a bunch of momentum, as they finished the season strong on both sides of the ball and nearly snuck into the playoffs. In 2023 they should be a team that gets into the playoffs instead of sneaking by getting help from other teams.

The success of the Steelers offense will really dictate if the Steelers find their way back to the postseason. Matt Canada the ball is in your court and the heat is on for you to take this offense to the next level.

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