Reflections on a Giants Divisional Round Playoff Loss

I want to make this perfectly clear from the onset. This is an opinion piece. I really wanted to shy away from mostly opinion pieces. But this loss, I can’t seem to shake the emotional aspect of it.

This Team Did Not Have the Roster to Compete Against the Eagles

Nothing was more evident than this fact this week in this game. The Giants were beat in every aspect of the game.

The line did not hold up. The Wide Receivers could not get or stay open. The Running Backs could not find production. The Quarterback played like a guy in his 4th year who has been given about 18 too many chances.

The usual brightest spot on this team, the defensive line, was pushed back all night. The linebackers struggled like they have all season. The Defensive backs were torched. The Special Teams was outplayed and the coaching staff was out coached in every aspect of the game.

It was disgusting and nearly completely undone what was a refreshing resurgence at the end of the regular season and into the wildcard round of the playoffs.

Which leads me to this…

This is a Team With More Wins than Foundational Players

I’m guilty. The last few weeks gave me the impression that things had finally clicked.

The line played well the last few weeks. Daniel Jones started to look like he could potentially be a QB who could carry this team on his back. I could say so much more, but I’m just going to stop there. I think you get the point.

I wanted this to be the turning point, I really did.

I was even prepared for a loss. I was not however ready for another decimation at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles.

This Offseason Will Determine the Direction of this Franchise for the Next Ten years

We’ve heard all season that we need more talent on a talent deficient team. It’s never been more true than it is right now, after Saturday’s 38-7 thrashing at the hands of the Eagles.

We want to eventually rise to the top. We want to eventually have a stacked roster like the Philadelphia Eagles. We will never get that roster if we bring back players from this season who contributed to the inability to be competitive against the top teams in the NFL.

Joe Schoen is going to either earn it or he’s going to fall in line with Dave Gettleman and Jerry Reese and keep this moribund franchise in the gutter for another decade.

The decisions loom and the clock is ticking.

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