How the Giants can Retain Daniel Jones, Saquon, and Darius Slayton and Other Offseason Scenarios

There are far too many numerous ways for this offseason to go. It is far too early to throw out any real projections that would carry very much relevance.

Having said that it is fun to think ahead and to crunch some numbers on what the New York Giants could possibly do to improve their roster going into the 2023 NFL Season.

Let’s start with some parameters.

I am using a combination of sportrac and overthecap market values to run numbers. I am not going to muddy the situation by creating imaginary contracts with higher front end or back end salaries. Sportrac may undervalue players in a buyer’s market.

The Giants should carry an anticipated 54 million in cap space into the offseason. This scenario sees Leonard Williams taking an 8 million dollar plus to the cap restructure. Subsequently Kenny Golladay is a post June cut that will net $13.5 million to the cap once he is released.

Those numbers when considering an estimated 11.5 million to sign the 2023 draft class and a 7 million dollar operating budget for the season leaves us with around 59 million dollars to spend on improvements to the team.

This team needs to potentially consider quite a few upgrades. The following are positions of most need: QB, RB, WR, LG, C, LB, and CB.

Keeping Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley, and Darius Slayton.

This scenario sees us keeping the offensive trio that helped take this team to the playoffs. According to the aforementioned sportrac, these three would cost the New York Giants 47.5 million dollars towards the cap. This leaves 11.5 million to improve the roster via free agency.

Possible improvements to areas of need available in this scenario:

  • LG: Ben Powers ($4 million)
  • C: Ethan Pocic ($7 million)
  • LB: David Long ($5 million)
  • CB Marcus Peters ($10 million) Jamel Dean ($10 million)

This path has the New York Giants leaning heavily on Joe Schoen drafting well and once again finding some unearthed gems to help this team to another postseason berth. Scenario one may lead to tough decisions being made about how to spend $11.5 million in leftover cap space. It may also lead to a few additional veteran cuts. As of right now the Giants have 40 players on the roster for the 2023 NFL season.

Scenario 2: Spreading the 59 million into a more stable and talent heavy roster

This scenario sees Joe Schoen use all of his cap space to build a roster with fewer glaring weaknesses.

Considerations in this scenario:

  • QB: Jacoby Brissett ($6 million)
  • RB: Devin Singletary ($6 million) Jeff Wilson ($3 million)
  • WR: Mecole Hardman ($11 million) DJ Chark ($9 million) Darius Slayton ($3.5 million)
  • LG: Ben Powers (4 million)
  • C: Ethan Pocic ($7 million)
  • LB: David Long ($5 million)
  • CB: Marcus Peters ($10 million) Jamel Dean ($10 million)

The caveat of this scenario is that it allows the Giants to fill nearly every hole on the roster with starter level talent. There has to be some value in filling those gaps.

Above all the Giants should at the least consider a bridge option at quarterback. Undoubtedly this would allow the Giants to spend much needed cap in other areas.

Neither of those running backs have the skill of Barkley but they have 3/4 of the production at less than half the cost. Additionally The wide receiver room would receive a boost. The middle of the offensive line would get a massive lift. Moreover a player like David Long would be a great cost effective option in the middle of the defense and the team could find a solid compliment to Adoree Jackson and Xavier McKinney in the secondary.

This would also allow the Giants to walk into the draft with a best player available mindset.

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