Mike Kafka Will Likely Become Arizona Cardinals Head Coach

Folks, the news that every Giants fan didn’t want to hear is likely coming. Mike Kafka is likely heading to Arizona to become the Cardinals head coach. There is a lot of smoke out there right now indicating this. A Cardinals beat reporter insinuated it earlier today.

On top of that, the two finalists for the Cardinals job are Giants Offensive Coordinator Mike Kafka and Bengals Defensive Coordinator Lou Anarumo. The Cardinals just gave Kyler Murray nearly $200M in guaranteed money, they’re not going to hire a defensive head coach.

Mike Kafka is a great play caller. He was also able to make Daniel Jones look like a somewhat average quarterback in 2022. There’s no chance he’s not getting this job in Arizona if it’s between him and Anarumo.

Still, nothing is confirmed yet. The Cardinals do have horrific ownership and could absolutely make the wrong decision here. It’s not over until it’s over…

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