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BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Jones Is Seeking A Massive Contract Extension

Folks, if you didn’t hear this morning, reports are stating that Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is seeking a massive contract. How massive? It appears as if he is looking to be paid $45M+ per season.

While it’s not surprising that Daniel Jones wants to get paid, it’s troublesome news for the Giants. Paying Daniel Jones that much money would financially ruin the franchise for the foreseeable future. He would have to take a massive leap that he likely isn’t capable of making to demand $45M+ annually.

It appears as if the Giants have offered Jones somewhere between $35M and $40M annually. That is a big gab in valuation considering Daniel Jones is seeking a massive contract upwards of $45M+ annually.

As I’ve been saying for nearly two months, the Giants should offer Daniel Jones the non-exclusive franchise tag. This gives the team the best long term flexibility and makes Jones truly earn his second contract.

It remains to be seen what happens with Daniel Jones’s contract situation but the entire Giants offseason hinges on what the resolution the parties come to. If Daniel Jones is seeking a massive contract extension like reports are saying, the Giants will have a lot less cap flexibility than originally thought.

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