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BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Jones Reps Now Seeking Over $45M

Every NFL insider worth following has reported that Daniel Jones wants over $40M a year – and now Pat Leonard of NYDN is reporting that Jones is seeking OVER $45M per year.

Yeah, we get it, Pat Leonard isn’t the fan favorite beat writer – but he knows how to get a scoop. The man never backed down from the OBJ or Toney trade rumors – he was right both times. And if this report is accurate, and there’s really no reason to believe it’s not with the amount of information we’ve received on Jones, it means the Giants and Daniel Jones aren’t remotely close to deal. That would mean Daniel Jones is headed for the franchise tag and Saquon Barkley is headed to free agency.

Jones has every right to try to earn every dollar possible. Just like the Giants have every right to go no where near $45M. The Giants have all the leverage right now. Tag Jones. It’s that simple. Make him earn $45M next year.

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