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BREAKING NEWS: Daniel Jones and the Giants Agree to Contract

Daniel Jones and the New York Giants have agreed to a 4-year agreement worth $160 million. Jones extension ties him to the Giants through the 2026 season. Daniel Jones is set to earn $40 million per season and the deal includes $35M more in incentives.

After getting his 5th year option declined last season, this is a huge payday for Daniel Jones. Jones played himself into the extension in the eyes of Joe Schoen by throwing 15 TDs, 3,200 yards, and only 5 INTs. Those weren’t flashy passing numbers. Jones did the most damage with his legs where he added 708 rushing yards and 7 TDs. Most importantly, Daniel Jones led the Giants to a playoff win vs the Minnesota Vikings where Jones threw for 301 yards and 2 touchdowns while also adding 78 rushing yards.

This extension is a big vote of confidence in Daniel Jones from Joe Schoen and Brian Daboll, who are now hitching their wagon to the 26-year old QB. But it won’t come without it’s some heat. $40M is a lot of money to pay a QB with the resume Daniel Jones has. It’s the testament of the cost of a QB in the NFL in 2023. Daniel Jones is going to need to raise his level of play significantly in order to make this a worthwhile investment for the New York Giants.

Signing Daniel Jones long term now frees up the Giants to use the franchise tag on Saquon Barkley. It will also provide the team with a small amount of cap relief compared to the QB franchise tag to sign free agents in free agency – although, the Giants were never really in a bad position cap wise. Daniel Jones is now the Giants QB – at least for the foreseeable future.

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