Five Free Agent Targets for the New York Giants

Joe Schoen stated that the New York Giants will spend money in free agency this offseason. They’re finally out of the cap hell Dave Gettleman left them in and they need to build up this roster. When you have a $40M/year QB and you franchise tag a running back, the expectation is that you’re gonna put a good football team on the field.

I don’t think Schoen is about to go on a Gettleman-esque spending spree. But the Giants will likely add 2 or 3 starters in free agency to help supplemental the team.

Let’s see who some future Giants can be:

LB TJ Edwards, PHI

It seem like every New York Giants fan wants the Giants to pursue Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds. While the Giants will likely pick up the phone and call Edmunds (or have talked to his agents at the combine), Edmunds will likely be too expensive. I don’t think the Giants are looking to spend the potential $15M a year it Edmunds will get.

TJ Edwards is in the next tier of LB, not too far behind Edmunds, and will likely cost a fraction of the price. Edwards has been a staple of a very good Eagles defense the past two seasons, with 219 tackles and 94 stops (plays held at or behind the line of scrimmage). The 26-year-old has also been solid in coverage.

Edwards will likely come in around $8M – $12M a season – a lot less than Edmunds.

CB Jamel Dean, TB

It’s no shock at all that the Giants might potentially be in the market for a cornerback and Dean is the best of the bunch hitting free agency. While Dean is a not an elite starting corner, he’s certainly a CB1.

Dean should be able to pick up Wink Martindale’s system relatively quickly coming from a blitz-heavy Todd Bowles defense. Dean will be expensive – likely in the $16.5M range – which may price the Giants out on him. I still think there will be interest for New York.

TE Mike Gesicki, MIA and TE Irv Smith Jr, MIN

I’m giving you two tight-ends here. I think the Giants are going to be in on Mike Gesicki, but in a weak WR market his price tag may get to be too high. I think Irv Smith Jr will be a nice plan B option. For a teams like the Giants that want to run the football, two tight end sets can be your best friend. It gives the Giants the chance to run when teams play nickel and have a size advantage, or throw when teams play in their base package.

Gesicki, a New Jersey Native, just wasn’t given the opportunity to succeed last year in a crowded Miami offense. However, in 2021, Gesicki was one of the best receiving tight ends in football. He racked up 73 receptions for 780 yards and 2 TDs. He’s heading out of Miami, who really can’t afford to pay another weapon. Gesicki may actually be the best pass catcher to hit free agency. That’s a bit shocking. His price is going to be high – likely in the $8M – $12M range. I think the weak free agent pass catching class will likely push it closer to or even over $12M.

Irv Smith Jr is a talented player that has struggled to stay on the field. There’s some untapped potential because of the injuries. Smith’s stats don’t scream a super talented player but he’s the type of player that Brian Daboll could probably bring the best out of. Expect Smith to likely cost around $6M a year.

DL Poona Ford, SEA

The New York Giants need defensive line up. The 27-year-old from Seattle would provide exactly that. Ford has pass-rushing defensive linemen for the Seahawks the past few seasons. He has 7 sacks, 22 QB hits, and 83 pressures over the last 3 years.

The Giants played Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams far too much last season. When Williams was hurt, they really didn’t have any depth behind him. Ford would fix that problem, allowing Dex and Leo to switch off on some passing downs.

WR Odell Beckham Jr, FA

If there’s a free agent WR that you spend a little money on it has to be OBJ. He’s the only wide receiver on the market that can play at a WR1 level. He’s healthy now and ready to play.

Odell last played in the 2021 season where he tore his ACL during the Rams Super Bowl win. Odell put up 593 yards and 7 TDs on 48 catches in 12 games with LA. Very impressive considering Beckham joined the team in the middle of the season.

OBJ isn’t an elite WR anymore but he’s certainly still a very talented player. Giants fans either hate or love Odell – but the locker room has always loved Odell. I think he’d make a reliable weapon for Jones. Expect a deal for Odell to come in around $10M to $13M – I would expect some heavy incentives and an easy out after 1 season.

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