Top 5 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers

It was the best of times for WRs last offseason getting big paydays to avoid free agency. And now, it’s the worst of times to find a wide receiver. The NFL Draft doesn’t have star studded WR talent and free agency is even drier. Here’s a look at the top 5 WR free agents, starting with some honorable mentions:

Notable WRs not in the top 5:

🏈 Allen Lazard
🏈 Mecole Hardman
🏈 Parris Campbell
🏈 Jarvis Landry
🏈 Marvin Jones

5. Darius Slayton, NYG

Slayton has great speed and agility, making him a deep threat on the field. The problem for Slayton is that he’s played in an offense that doesn’t throw the ball down the field. Slayton isn’t an elite pass catcher or deep threat but he’s a very solid player. On a team that already has an alpha WR, Slayton has the speed to take the top off a defense – especially if the defense has to concentrate on a WR1 elsewhere.

4. DJ Chark, DET

DJ Chark may end up quietly being one of the most sought-after free agent wide receivers in the NFL this offseason. That says a lot about this WR free agent class. Chark offers a combination of speed, size, and athleticism that make him a dynamic player on the field – the issue is that he can’t stay on the field. Chark has only played in 15 games over the last two seasons.

3. Juju Smith-Schuster, KC

Nothing like reviving your career with Patrick Mahomes, right? Six years into Juju’s career, we know exactly what he is and what he can offer. He’s a talented slot WR that can help you keep the chains moving. He’s not the WR everyone thought he would be in Pittsburgh, but he’s good enough.

2. Jakobi Meyers, NE

From undrafted free agent to playmaker for Bill Belicheck to probably playing for a new team in 2023. That just seems to be the story of a lot of Patriot free agents. Meyers has great hands, precise route-running, and ability to make tough catches in traffic. He’s a fine slot WR but he’s not a WR1.

1. Odell Beckahm Jr., LAR

The only free agent WR that has any opportunity to serve their team as a legitmate WR1 is Odell. Yeah injuries, yeah distrations, blah blah blah. OBJ is super talented. In the right situation, like we saw him in with the Giants and the Rams, Odell can put up really good numbers and be a really good weapon for your football team. There’s plenty of risk that comes with the move. It’s not a move for the faint of heart – but if you need a top WR – Odell is the way to go.

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