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BREAKING NEWS: Odell Beckham Jr. Has Signed With the Giants

Folks, he’s baaaackkkk!!! The long awaited return of the greatest receiver in New York Giants history is here. Since the day the Giants traded him, fans have been waiting for the return of the player whom they love very much.

I’ll be honest folks, when the Giants traded him nearly four years ago I never thought this day would come again. Some fans cheered the trade, others felt it was debilitating to the cause of winning a championship. The fact of the matter is that neither the Browns nor the Giants won the original trade. The Giants were bad in the three seasons that followed his departure and the Browns thought that Baker Mayfield would be good which clearly was a misstep by them.

Now that the team is contending for a playoff spot once again, getting Odell Beckham Jr. back will be a massive boost. He is far and away the best receiver on the team and he’s grown into more of a leadership role as a veteran. I simply cannot wait to see him play for the Giants again and I absolutely hope he can help lead this team to the playoffs and beyond.

Some Giants fans are going to be upset about this but I will tell you the same thing you told me for the last 3+ seasons: Support the name on the front of the jersey, not the name on the back. The greatest receiver in Giants history (no, it’s not Amani Toomer) is back and this is something you should be THRILLED about.

I also must add that this is an APRIL FOOLS JOKE!! HAHAHA GOT YA!!!!!!

Featured Image Credit: Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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