Should The Steelers Worry About Odell and The Ravens?

That’s right everyone, by now we all know the news of Odell Beckham Jr. signing with the Baltimore Ravens. Agreeing to a one-year deal, worth $18 million is one of the biggest storylines in the NFL. Not only because Baltimore has just got one of the most prolific WR’s on the free agent market, but because of what it could mean for the future of the Ravens, and the AFC North. 

The Problem

Despite Odell tearing his ACL two separate times, one in 2020 and the other in 2022, and a High Ankle sprain in 2017, he continues to show athleticism on par with his early years.  Now the reason this poses a future problem in the AFC North is because we all know what this is about. They want to keep Lamar Jackson. They at least have him one more year, franchise tagging him for the guaranteed rate of $32.4 million. Although Lamar is not happy, having requested a trade and they have not fulfilled that request.

Lamar has made tweets regarding that,

But either way, this is simply a tactic to keep Lamar for the future. In hopes it will help in the negotiations that are on the way this year. He has always wanted weapons. If he gets them, the Ravens could be contenders. There are not a lot of believers in Jackson, but there is a reason he is a starting QB on a team that is competitive year in and year out. Will his longevity uphold? Time will tell, but the longer he stays in the AFC North, the tougher the Division will be.

The Steelers are a young team and showed some promising steps towards the future in the past year with Picket, Najee, and a defense that allows them to make offensive mistakes and still stay in games. But going into a season where our division continues to become more competitive, this signing does not bode well for the Steelers. This signing gives Baltimore a large step towards a better air attack and getting away from a “bully-all” run game.


Now, do I think Odell will be the factor to elevate the Ravens to be a pure Super Bowl contender? No, they are more than just a receiver away. But I do think that they continue to be a step ahead of the Steelers in that aspect. Both games the Steelers faced the Ravens was decided by a combined five points, losing Week 14 last year 14-16 at home and winning the road game in Week 17 16-13. Every year I go into the Steelers season saying we will split the series against the Ravens, this year is no different. But the air attack that will be present this year, alongside their run game, will make that a tough task. 

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