The Oakland A’s Are Moving To Las Vegas

In today’s hot stove news, the Oakland Athletics are Relocating! Well, not yet, the Athletics are in agreement to purchase land in Las Vegas, Nevada. The A’s plan to build a $1.5 Billion stadium on the new plotted land near the Vegas strip. A nearly 20 year battle may be coming to a close in the near future. It has been long anticipated that the MLB and the A’s would find a solution this year or in the near future. But, not many anticipated this soon.

A’s fans have been in turmoil for years and even “boycotted” their own team’s home games. With attendance well under 10,000 average fans per home game in 2021 and 2022. While they have been in negotiations for a new ball park in Oakland, the City of Oakland approved plans for a project in 2021. However, it didn’t have any input from the A’s, who had multiple issues with the plans. 

Expansion Plans

In the off season, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, made it a point to say MLB is considering up to two expansion teams. Though he wanted to figure out the stadium and location problems for the Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays have also been struggling to gain approval for a new stadium in Tampa. Even with their recent success on the field. With the A’s almost certain to head to Vegas following today’s news, that leaves the Rays to find their solution. With expansion cities currently making their case for those slots. The current front runner cities, according to fan poles, are Nashville, Charlotte, and Montreal. Vegas was a top five spot until this morning with news of the potential A’s Relocation.’

What Does It Mean For The A’s

The A’s of course have a very flimsy time frame for a move to Vegas. They are currently working against the MLB gods though. MLB set a deadline of 2024 for the A’s to finalize a new stadium deal in Oakland, or else where. Which is when their current stadium lease runs out at the Coliseum. But with this new potential land purchase for a stadium, they may be renewing their lease for a few more years. As they will still need a 75% approval from the MLB owners in order to relocate. Estimation right now to break ground on the new stadium is 2024, with the opening game in Vegas slated for 2027.

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